Monday, January 4, 2016

Whoopie, I'm so excited!!!!

Today is a RED letter day.  I can hardly believe it, but the beautiful Raggedy Ann doll has finally arrived........and she is even more beautiful and well made than I had hoped for.  The doll was made for our grand daughter last month by the cousin of my friend Mary, Silvia Ventura in Las Vegas.  The doll is a very soft, and lovable. 

Have you ever seen a more beautiful Raggedy Ann doll?  I wish I had asked her to make one for me too.  Silvia told me the doll's clothes can all be removed and washed, and the doll herself can be spot cleaned.  Our grand daughter is going to love and treasure this doll for a very, very long time. 

 This beautiful white egret came up in the canal right behind our RV site.  What an awesome sight!

As you can see here and below, Millie and Willie were still exhausted a few days after the new year began.  Today they are finally peppy puppies again.  That's all for tonight. 

 Mary left here today to go out to Palm Desert, and we will be going there on Friday.  Gail & Mike left here today and they are also out in Palm Desert.  We are hoping it won't rain on Friday, so we will have safe travels.  Bye for now everyone.


  1. All I can say is "Yep! That Raggedy Ann is one of the prettiest I've seen." Your granddaughter is one lucky little girl and I hope she'll cherish this doll forever. I think most of us felt like Millie and Willie after all the busy-ness and activities of the Holidays. Now to get back to normal! Safe travels this Friday and may the roads be dry!

  2. Thanks. We sure hope this rain will let up before too long. Right now we have a small river running through our site. OMG. Sure hope the canal doesn't overflow and flood us out.