Thursday, January 14, 2016

Palm Desert in January!

We came out here to the Thousand Trails park in Palm Desert last Friday, after surviving the rains we had experienced in Menifee.  As most of you must know, California has been living through a prolonged and terrible drought.  The NBC weatherman today said even a severe El Nino season will only improve the drought condition by about 2%.  When we left Wilderness Lakes, several parts of the park were still flooded, and the workers had been pumping some of the water out of the canals, in preparation for the next rain storm.  I didn't get any pictures of those areas, but when we drove out through Hemet, I did take some that showed the streets that were still flooded, and how green it had gotten after only those four days of rain.

It was a beautiful day for travel and we had a really nice drive getting here.

We were surprised to see how much snow there was on the 
area mountains.  It is wonderful for us to SEE the snow, as long as it is far enough away so we don't have to deal with it.  LOL!

Palm Desert is a very interesting town, with many places to go and things to see.  
 We saw these camel statues and the red horse on Highway 111.  I'm not sure why they are there, but had to get the pictures anyway.  The weather has been marvelous.  The days have been in the high 60's to low 70's with the nights in the mid to high 40's.  That's great for sleeping.  We got a 50 amp RV site this time, so we don't have to worry about turning one appliance off to use another.  All good.  The only problem we had on arrival was that with all the tall palm trees throughout the park, it took us hours to get a satellite signal so we would have TV reception here.  I actually asked God for help, and shortly after that, it locked on and we've had no problem since.  

Mike & Gail (aka RV Space Savers) are a couple rows away.  They have a sales booth at a weekend swap meet at the College of the Desert, and last week they were selling and giving seminars at the FMCA Rally at the fairgrounds in Indio.  Their home is up in Washington state.  It's always great to get together with them.  They have a really cute poodle named Coco.  She's only about 7 pounds of fur, but she is fiercely protective of Gail!!!  So cute.  Mary and I went to see her yesterday and I purchased her excellent spatulas and some other cooking utensils.  They are great to use with non-stick cookware, and they don't melt like so many cheaper ones do.  YAY.

 Yesterday I caught this shot of Jim and the furry kids on the couch.  Nothing new, I just thought it made a cute picture.  We will be here in the desert until next Tuesday, when we go back to Menifee.  

We will be back here from February 8th through at least the 14th.  I just found out yesterday that they are going to have a Valentine's dance here on the 13th.  We are looking forward to attending that.    

I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to the new year.  We wish you the very best of everything:  good health, prosperity, peace, happiness and anything else you want or need in the year ahead.  Stay well, stay warm and safe, and stay true to yourselves.    Bye for now.  :o)


  1. Do you like this park better than the Thousand Trails one in Palm Springs? Seems you're not having any problems with wind this time, and that's a bonus. Enjoy the remainder of your stay!

  2. This actually is the Thousand Trails Park. It is listed as Palm Springs, but the address says Palm Desert................and to make it even more confusing, when you exit I-10 and turn left onto Washington St, and then turn left onto Varner St. to approach the Thousand Trails Park, you pass a road sign that says "Welcome to Thousand Palms" and we are advised to receive our mail at the Thousand Palms Post Office too. Go figure. We had high winds a couple days ago, but it's better today.