Friday, February 19, 2016

Back to Wilderness Lakes Again

Hi Folks,
I was told that my last post was too long, so I will try to keep them shorter from now on.  Thanks for any feedback as I hope to keep improving this blog, with everyone's help.  I might as well also ask if I include too many pictures in my posts.  

Our drive from Palm Desert to Menifee was without problems, and the weather was delightful.  I don't know if I've ever posted pictures of the Dinosaurs out near the Morongo Casino, but I got some fairly good shots that day, so here are a couple of them.  Is that a sight to behold or what???


I have had a few people ask me some RV questions, as to what products we like to use.  A friend of ours likes to clean the holding tanks with a mixture of Calgon and Dawn dish detergent.  We did try this routine, and were not completely satisfied with it.  We were also concerned that the detergent killed the useful bacteria that works to keep down odors in the tanks.  We have tried many products, but find that what WE consider to be best is a granular product called Happy Camper.  I believe it contains enzymes that destroy odor and keep our tanks clean and free of foul smells.  For any campers who wish to try this, I'm quite sure you can find it online and at many RV supply stores.  Nope, we do not sell it, or any other products at this time.  Maybe we should start selling some things to supplement our income, but as yet we do not. It is most economical to buy Happy Camper in the large size tub, as it lasts a long time, and the cost per ounce is lowest in the larger size.  It does not contain any formaldehyde and the label says it is organic, so that should be good.  I know some campers pay a lot to buy the RV toilet paper rolls from places like Camping World, but we have been saving quite a bit of money by using Angel Soft tissue, which can be gotten at any grocery store or, of course at Wal-Mart.  It is safe for use in septic tanks, and RV tanks.  We have never had any problems with it causing the blockages you can get with some other brands of tissue.  I think that's enough potty talk for today.  LOL.

Some of our friends do not use a regulator on their incoming water when they are hooked up to city water in local camp grounds.  Jim feels the use of a regulator is very important to avoid the risk of rupture of inside pipes if the park were to have problems with too much water pressure.  We don't want to come home to find our motor home flooded and the dogs floating around on the couch!  

Here's a tip on jewelry storage.  I used to carry a jewelry box, but in travel it always got tipped over and dumped my stuff all over the floor of the closet.  We use the Command strips to secure many things to walls, etc. so I got the idea of putting several of the Command Hooks in two rows on the inside wall of my closet.  I strung some string elastic (you can get it in any sewing supply department) from one hook to the next and on to the last hook on the lower row.  Now I can hang earrings over the elastic, and I hang necklaces and pendants from the hooks on the top row.  This system has worked like a charm for over a year now!  And it cost me less than $10.00 to do it.  
I think I might add a few more hooks under the elastic since I have added more pairs of earrings since I put this up, but it works even as it is.  In the other side of my closet I put up more hooks for Millie's necklaces too.  She is such a fashion-ista!!! 

Last item for today:  people ask me what place we like best of the places we have visited.  I don't think I can answer that, because every place we have been has been wonderful and exciting for different reasons.  However, I would like to remind people that if you are on the east coast, I would say you really SHOULD visit the Tear drop Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey.  If you are not familiar with this, I know you can find it with a Google search.  It was really awe inspiring.  Another place that was very inspirational for us was the Loretto Chapel in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  I can share more travel highlights in future posts.  Well, that's all for today folks.  Stay well, stay active and enjoy life.

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