Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Campers 2/24/16

Hello again,
This will not be a long blog, as I have so much to do today, that I must keep it short.  I'd first like to thank everyone for the many nice comments I have been receiving this week about our blog postings.  

There is so much that is wonderful about living in our RV, and being able to stay wherever we wish to.  Like many others, I sometimes take our many blessings for granted, and we should never do that.  I recently received an email that talked about what happens in heaven when we pray.  It started with a tour of the busy departments that receive and sort and process prayer requests.  Then it went on to the room which was designated to receive the acknowledgements of the blessings that had been granted.  There was very little going on in that room.  That is, of course, sadly true.  Maybe we ARE grateful for all the many blessings we receive, but do we always take the time to thank God for them?  Too often we don't.  And do we often SHARE these blessings with others who might also need them?  Again, I doubt if any of us does that as often as we should.  Most of us wake up each morning to a beautiful world, filled with sunshine (especially here in southern California) warm weather, and surrounded by nice people.   

Most of us have access to food, water, clothes, and shelter, so we can shower, dress, and have breakfast.  Not all people are as fortunate as we are.  Before we came here last week, I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the beautiful sunsets in the Palm Desert area,.  The sky is very clean and the sight was fantastic, as you can see.  
The second picture is not a great shot, but it is a picture of our dear friends Mike and Gail Alexander, and their baby Coco.  We met them over a year ago at the FMCA Rally, where she lectured on, and sold space savers for people living in RVs.  We share many of the same views and get together whenever we can at area Thousand Trails parks.

We are now, as you know, back at Wilderness Lakes and will be here until March 8th.  We are very happy with the site we found, and have enjoyed the nice neighbors we have had here.  As I have probably said before, if we were to get a bad neighbor, all we would have to do is move to another site, but that has yet to happen!  Our neighbor here was a man named Ron Knecht, from Washington state, and his four cute dogs.  Each day he would take off on his adult trike, with the four dogs happily running along side of him.  By the time he would return, two dogs would be riding in the basket on the back, and only two were still running.  LOL.  I guess we know which ones had more energy.
Jim took this picture early this morning since Ron was leaving today.  He is heading north, and will be staying at the Thousand Trails Preserve in Manteca, CA. before returning to his home in Washington soon.  We were glad to make his acquaintance, and we exchanged email addresses, so we can keep in touch.  That's what makes RVing such a great way of life.  

Last night we took these pictures of the beautiful sunset here at the park.

It is incredible how beautiful a sunset can be, and how different each one can appear.
Anyway, these are some of the blessings we enjoy each day: good weather, good friends, a great home, wonderful pets, family, good food to eat, and a warm bed to sleep in.  Life in America may not be perfect, but there is NO place better! That's all for today.  Stay well, and enjoy life.  It's a great blessing.  I hope you won't squander it.


  1. And Sue and I love the same wine! :-)

  2. That is soooo true. Since I began drinking the wine Gail introduced me to, my other wines don't taste good anymore. LOL