Saturday, July 23, 2016

Happy Birthdays to Us

This has been quite a week, but now we are at Wilderness Lakes, and, except for the heat, all is well.  Last Monday evening, July 18th, we took the dogs out to walk briefly, on our site.
Just wanted to include this picture of the moon from Sunday night, before I continued with my story of Monday night.

  When we went to the door to come back inside, it would NOT open.  We had not locked it, but there was no getting it to open, and we had to crawl in through the driver's door.  That might not seem like a big deal, but when we are camped, we store stuff on the two front seats, so it's not easy getting in that way.  I called our guy Benett, and he agreed to come over at 8 am Tuesday to see what was wrong.  It turned out that there was a broken piece inside the lock, so the whole lockset needed to be replaced.  He went down the hill to get it at his supplier, but they didn't have one the size we needed, so he had to order it, and it didn't arrive until after 1 pm on Wednesday, so we had to postpone coming down to Wilderness Lakes until Thursday, because we didn't want to travel and try to set up in the hottest part of the day.  Benett came up and replaced the lockset, and as I had promised, here is a picture of him.  He does great work and his rates are excellent.  
He comes when he says he will; he is efficient, and he is honest.  I couldn't recommend him more totally, if one needs RV service while in the area of Silent Valley, or Thousand Trails Idyllwild.    

 A few days ago, I discovered that the "N" key on my keyboard had stopped working.  On the suggestion of our dear friend Robert, we tried to clean under it, but that didn't help.  I called Staples, and found out the cheapest solution was a remote keyboard, attached with a USB cord.  It works, but I'm NOT loving it.  He suggested getting a new computer, and I know that I'm probably going to have to give in someday and get a new one, but I was told the new ones will not work with my Print Master software, and I hate to have to give that up!  

We got here around 9:45 am and found a big site, with 50 amp service way in the back.  In the past, we have never chosen to camp back this far, but this is probably the biggest site we've ever had here, and there is a nice shade tree beside us, and a huge long grassy strip behind this row of sites.  It is quite lovely.
 This shows the side of the RV and screen room, and of course Millie loves being outside.   The last picture shows the stretch of lawn behind the RVs.  It's very pleasant in this area, and this may become our favorite site!  

Later that afternoon we put the screen room up, and finished setting things the outside refrigerator, so we have extra freezer space for the yummy ice cream Jim makes.  Thursday was Willie's birthday, so he got a couple extra treats in honor of the day.  

Friday morning we had to take Millie to the vet to have her teeth cleaned, and the removal of a couple baby teeth that had never come out on their own.  Then we drove over to Great Clips so I could get a hair cut, and we picked up our mail.  They vet said we could pick her up at 3:30, and we were there right on time.  She was awake...........barely.  We got her home and she was huffing and snorting, which was her way of trying to get rid of the effects of the anesthesia.  I didn't dare give her water until she was fully awake.  Around 6 pm she was able to eat a little food.  As the evening progressed, she was able to go outside to "potty".  She spent most of the evening sleeping on me.  It was Jim's birthday, so I had made a nice pork roast in our Ninja.  Since it was much too hot to heat up the oven, (it got up to 109 outside) we bought a nice triple fudge chocolate cake and peanut butter cup ice cream  for his birthday dessert.  He really enjoyed all of that.  I let Millie have a tiny bit of the ice cream.

Today is my birthday, so Jim made my favorite breakfast, poached eggs on toast.  Later today we will be going over to Family center to play candy bar bingo.  Tonight Almita & Rueben are coming over for my birthday cake, lemon cake and strawberry ice cream, which Jim is making.  We don't give each other gifts anymore because we get what we need, or want when we can afford it. 
Millie loves being INSIDE the screen room.......but she also likes her alone time outside it too.  LOL.  
Tomorrow will be Millie's 3rd birthday.  We think it's pretty amazing that our four birthdays are in a row......but that is how it is.  It just proves to us that Willie and Millie were MEANT to be part of our family.  Today is "Clear the Shelters" day in southern California.  I heard on the news that over 50 shelters are offering pets to forever homes for the tiny fee of $20, and for seniors who adopt senior pets, there is NO charge.  That is so awesome.  We can't take another pet, but we sure hope lots of people will adopt furry friends to love and cherish.   

Please stay as cool as possible, and hydrate frequently.  Make sure you provide plenty of cool water for your pets....and again............NEVER leave your pets or people in closed cars even for a few minutes.  Plan ahead so you don't take risks.  Enjoy America, and be sure you register to vote in November. 

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