Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 24th, addendum

I have to say, I can't imagine any way that our birthdays could have been better.  After lunch here yesterday, we drove down to the family center for candy bar bingo.  We would have walked, but it was already about 100 outside.  We found the last open parking space there.  We got good seats, even though the room was filling up fast.  Now here's the surprising part.  When Linda called for anyone with a birthday this week to come up front, besides us, a lady came up.  When Linda asked her what her name was, she said Donna..............and I recognized her voice as a friend from the Orange Good Sams camping club we used to belong to.  We had not seen her and her husband Hughie in YEARS!!!!  We were hugging and laughing when Linda said, "Hey, we need to get back to the games", so I said to Donna let's talk after this is over.  In all, we scored EIGHT candy bars.............a very good day!  After bingo was over, we walked over to their RV nearby.  The funny part is, when we were all in the club, they had a 5th wheel trailer.  I once asked Hughie when were they going to get a motorhome, and he said never.  He WAS a devoted 5er!  Now they have a nice 31 foot motorhome called a Leprechaun, by Coachmen.  It has a side hallway, with a huge window that was very nice.  Also, I'm a little jealous, as it has access to the bathroom both from the hallway, AND directly from the bedroom....very nice.  Then they came over to our house for a while.  I invited them to stay for dinner, but they already had reservations for dinner at the family center, so we invited them to come back and join us for birthday cake and homemade ice cream.  Almita & Rueben were coming too.  Amazingly, the temperature obliged by cooling down to a comfortable 80 or so with a lovely breeze, so we all sat out in the screen room and had a wonderful evening.
That is Donna above, and Hughie is in the blue shirt.  Rueben is in the white shirt to the right in the second picture.  In the picture below is Almita on the right. 
Later on the dogs came out to join the party!  Today, Donna & Hughie are coming over to play Mexican Train with us.  I'm hoping they can stay for dinner too.  They are going to another campground, Fisherman's Retreat, on Wednesday, 
but they might get back here again, before they have to leave to go back home to South Carolina.  We sure hope we get to see them again before they have to leave California though, so we can get caught up on everything that has been happening.  All in all, it was a truly marvelous day!!!! 
  I will close for today and wish you all a wonderful day and a blessed week ahead.

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