Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oh Happy Days!!!!

Today is Tuesday, and all is right with the world!  At least most things are right again, and I am happy, happy, happy!
Tony came over last Wednesday, and stayed for two days.  We always enjoy his visits, and his wonderful dog Woody.  Thursday we were preparing our traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Here's our turkey, cooking in the NuWave Oven.
 While trying to cut a squash in half, it slipped, and the knife turned over.  Jim was pushing down on the blade and it cut into the palm of his hand.  We rushed into the bathroom to clean out the wound and then stopped the bleeding.  After several minutes I was able to pad and bandage the wound, but that was the end of Jim being able to help.  Tony pitched in and we managed to still get dinner on the table by 3 pm.......and Tony washed all the dishes after dinner.  He is a grand house guest and helper!!!!  I changed the dressings twice a day for two days and then daily until it was fully healed, which it is now.  YAY!

You remember the little fender bender incident when we were at Loma Linda Hospital???  Last Wednesday we met with the folks involved at the shop where Rueben got us a reasonable estimate for the repairs.  The guy ordered the new bumper and the paint.  He said he would paint the bumper and it would be ready to install on Monday (yesterday).  YAY again!

Saturday we played Candy Bar Bingo, and we won 7 candy bars, between is.  We didn't set up to sell that day because it was only 48 degrees out, and there was a 100% chance of rain, so we figured there weren't going to be a lot of shoppers anyway.  All good!

Sunday we went to the Wilderness Lakes Church, as usual, and then came home for the rest of the day with our dogs, and I beat Jim at a game of Mexican Train.  Jim baked two loaves of French Honey bread, and I baked a nice spice cake  All good again!

 Monday we met Charles & his wife at the repair shop and brought them back here while their car got fixed.  I had made a crockpot full of split pea soup for lunch, and we had a nice time together.  It turns out that Charles is a master wood crafter, and he has agreed to make the butcher block counter piece I wanted to put between our sink and the stove.  They are really nice people!  Later we took them back to get their car, and they were delighted with the work done well.  YAY, all is good again, and praise God.  

Have any of you watched the TV show, Tiny House Nation?  The people on this show custom build tiny houses for people.  We like to watch it and find it interesting to see how the design and decorate their tiny spaces.  In case you have not seen them, we discovered there is one here in the park, and it is sooooooo cute.  We
don't want one for us, because we love the home we have.  In the upper picture, the top window on the left is probably the loft where the people have to sleep.  In most of the tiny houses, the bedroom loft is not tall enough to stand up in.  We would NOT want to have to crawl around on our knees to make the bed.  As you can see, this one has a roof top deck too.  We just loved seeing one up close like this.  Again, all good!  

There are also some other cute RVs here in the park.  

We were amused by the signs on the back of this Toy Hauler.

Last night I got the BEST night of sleep than I've gotten in over a week, and I think it was because we were finally able to put the car incident behind us.  Unfortunately, it did cost us most of our Christmas budget, but maybe, if we eat beans for the next few weeks, we can send something to our grandkids, at least.  Again, life is good!  We don't hate beans.  LOL

Today we went to Great Clips to get haircuts...........mine was OK, but Jim's turned out badly.  At least this too will pass, but he won't need another haircut for at least three months!  LOL again.

As you can see, Jim and the kids are doing well!
And some of the locals are already decorating for Christmas!  We will do that when we come back here on December 20th.  I also agreed to bake cakes for the candle light church service here on Christmas eve.  It's what I can do, even in our tiny kitchen.  Tomorrow we are going to go to the manager's meeting in the adult center here.  Free doughnuts and coffee and an update on the park.....again, all good! 

As we enter the month of December, (and Christmas is only 26 days away) I hope all of you are thinking about what you can do to make life better for someone around you.  There are many seniors living alone who might welcome a visit from a neighbor or relative.  Maybe someone who can not drive anymore would appreciate an offer to take them to a store, or post office, or church service.  Maybe you can donate food at a local food bank, or take food, blankets or dog beds to a local animal shelter......and while you are there, maybe you will see a homeless animal that needs a forever home that you could adopt.  If there is a local homeless shelter, maybe you could volunteer to help them serve a nice Christmas dinner to those less fortunate than yourself.  It saddens me that so many people think of this season, only in terms of what gifts they will receive, and forget the GREATEST gift of all that we already received.....the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.  I hope you will begin this month with feelings of joy about what our pastor here in the park called The Mary Miracle.  She received the Holy Spirit and gave birth to our Lord Jesus, as had been foretold 4000 years before.  We too can allow the glorious Holy Spirit come over us, so we can share God's wondrous love with others.  Please don't just wish someone Happy Holidays, say Merry Christmas, and know in your heart, that God loves you very much. 

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