Friday, November 11, 2016

Oh What a Day

Hi Friends and Family, 

I know some of you are upset with the results of the election, but many of us believe that President-elect Donald Trump will be good for our country.  I guess, for now anyway, we will just have to agree-to-disagee.  Please pray with us that he can do good things for America.  We are saddened by the protests in several major cities, but we feel encouraged about the many  possibilities ahead.  I guess that is enough said for now.

Remember the lovely lilies that Carol & Ray gave us last week?  They blossomed into even more beautiful flowers.  Thank you again Carol and Ray.  We really enjoyed them.  I like my bouquet of yellow roses, that will never die, and the blue ones in the bathroom too, but it is a real treat to occasionally have fresh flowers that smell delightful!!!

We had a very good day of sales last Saturday, including selling my big red Kitchen Aid mixer, and many other things.  And we had fun at candy bar bingo, winning 7 candy bars between us.  Sunday afternoon Jim made us home made peanut butter cup ice cream, using the new Kitchen Aid attachment......and it was awesome!  It makes it even creamier than in the Cuisinart ice cream machine, which we had thought was the best we could ever imagine.

Monday we packed up and came out to Palm Desert Thousand Trails preserve.  We found a wonderful site on the end of a row.............which makes it even easier to find a satellite signal.  Our King Quest is the BEST satellite dish we have ever used.  Once we got all set up, I hooked up the bedroom TV using the Clear view antenna and was able to pull in almost 2 dozen stations, including all of the major networks.  Life is good!  Our site is right across the street from the recreation center where they hold church services, and other activities.  

 I had to take this picture.  It is down the row behind us.  This is a really cute little "tear drop" trailer with an added tent room.  We wouldn't want to live in anything this small, but we do think it is cute.  

Yesterday, Jim mixed up another batch of ice cream.  We took the afternoon off and played Mexican Train because it was too hot to be outside.  
When he took time out to run the freezer cycle of making the ice cream, I got silly and made this.  After all, he is my sweetheart!

Today they had the weekly arts and crafts sale at the rec center.  I didn't take over my magnetic jewelry this time, because I had a lot of other things I wanted to try to sell.  There is another woman who is usually here selling magnetics who is not very nice to others selling magnetic jewelry.  As it was, she wasn't here today, but we did fairly well with what we sold.  I thought the Cuisinart ice cream machine would be the first thing to go, but I was wrong.  The Oreck mixer and the food processor sold, as did the extra Clear view antenna, and a lot of my other jewelry.  I have a ton of bracelets, earrings and several necklaces that I just don't wear anymore, so I sold some of them.  One lady we talked to was saying she needed a cell phone booster for her AT&T phone, so Jim came home to get the one we have.  We bought it back when we had an AT&T phone, but don't need it with our Verizon phones.  She had left before he got back, but she knows where we are, if she decided she wants it.    Two other ladies asked about my magnetic jewelry that I was wearing.  They both said they have pain from arthritis, so they said they might come over to see the jewelry before we leave.  Also, a lady who works here was interested in the Cuisinart, so she said she MIGHT come over too.  Either way, it has been a nice day today. 

I plan to do a couple loads of laundry tomorrow, and enjoy relaxing here at home with our furry kids.  I felt bad that we had to leave them alone while we went on errands yesterday.  We have not yet gotten the probiotic product I mentioned in the last blog, so I can't report anything about it yet, but I will let you know when we try it.

I came up with a free solution to a small problem I have been trying to figure out.  Our computer friend Robert advised me that my laptop should not be allowed to overheat by sitting directly on the place mat on the table.  Despite calling them "laptops" they are definitely NOT meant to be used by placing on one's lap!  Last month I tried using a stand for it, but that made it too high for me to use comfortably.  I decided to put it on a set of stone coasters that hold it about 1/4 inch off the table.  I was amazed to find that it has solved the problem.  When I finished working, the bottom of the computer is NOT hot anymore.  YAY!!!!

I can't think of anything more I should share, so I will close for now.  Stay well, and keep the rubber side down when you're on the roads..............because we are out there too.  Have a great day and enjoy all of God's awesome gifts. 

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