Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We Have So Much to be Thankful For

It has been eleven days since I last wrote, and much has happened in that time, not all good.  I will try to bring everyone up to date on things.

As you know, on October 18th Jim had his first cataract surgery, on his left eye, and it was very successful.  He continues to be very happy with the results of that, so we went ahead and scheduled surgery on his right eye.  We moved from Palm Desert back to Wilderness Lakes on November 16th, and his surgery was set for the next day, Thursday.  We got the call around noon time, that he had to be up there no later than 6 am, so that meant getting up at 4 am.............groan!!!!  But we said OK.  Tony arrived about that same time and helped us get set up in our site.  This was the ONLY 50 amp site available in the whole park at that time!  WOW.  We were lucky to find it.  It is a nice, big site with plenty of room to set up our screen room, which we did.  We had a nice dinner and relaxed that night, and I continued to give Jim the eye drops four times a day (for three days before surgery).  

We got up at 4 am and left by 4:30 to go up to Loma Linda.  We had to be there that early as they said there was a good chance that the first case was going to be cancelled and Jim would move up to first, but it didn't so we waited.....and waited.....and waited until they finally took him in around 8:35 am.  His surgery didn't start until about 9:35, and she said this eye really made her work for it!  He got out of surgery about 10:45 am and we got to leave that area, but he was to come back to the eye clinic at 2 pm for his follow up post op visit.  We relaxed in the car until about 1:15 pm and then checked in at the eye clinic.  We got to see the doctor about 1:45 pm and got out to the car to leave around 2:15 pm.  

After checking both ways, I began to back up, when I heard the crunch of fenders meeting.  I know I was moving, but I also KNOW that I had looked both ways, and there was no car behind me when I started backing up.  The other man adamantly denies that he was moving, and says it was my fault.  We exchanged information and we came back home to Wilderness Lakes.  The next day we went over to his house in Hemet to take pictures of the damage.  
I told him that since the damage was so minor, maybe we could get an estimate or two and settle this without using insurance.  He called me on Saturday with an estimate from one shop for $1,165.00.  I said I didn't think that was reasonable and said I would try to get another estimate.  Our dear friends, Almita and Rueben are locals, and have a place they get their car serviced.  They called their guy and he said he doesn't do body work, but the body shop next door does.  Rueben got us an estimate of $300.00 to replace the whole bumper.  I went and talked to the guy and he can do the job right away.  I called Charles, and he took his car there for the mechanic to see, and we had him order the bumper today.  It will be all fixed on Monday.......YAY!!!!! 
Charles is a professional wood crafter, and he made this guy, looking over his fence from the patio towards the street.  He calls this his "security".  We thought he was cute so I had to take a picture.

Last Friday Jim had an appointment at the VA clinic in Murrieta about a growth on his right wrist.  We saw a man named Scott, who took the history on it, and took many pictures, including one very close up shot.  It looked really gross!  Scott called yesterday to say that the doctor who looked at it wants Jim to go up to Loma Linda for a biopsy of it, meaning there is some chance that it could be cancerous.  We called and we weren't able to get him an appointment for that until December 28th.  This will be a very, very long month of waiting for us, and worrying.  

Also, on Friday, Tony took Willie out to walk, and Willie got loose.  He ran at a man walking with two Dobermans.  The man stepped on Willie's leash, and Willie turned and bit the man on the leg.  Saturday that man came over to ask if Willie is current on his immunizations, which he is, of course.  I sure hope we won't end up in trouble over that.  From now on, only Jim will walk Willie, since he can be unpredictable at times. 

Still, we do feel we have so much to be thankful for.  We are thankful for our home, and furry kids who love us, and our over all good health.  I am thankful for my son Matt, who has very honorable principles that he lives by.  I admire him for being a vegan, even though we don't share his beliefs.  I am thankful that my older sister, Donna and her husband George are about to celebrate 54 years of marriage next month.  I'm thankful that I have my wonderful brother Tony, and my sister Judy, and my youngest brother Jeff and his wife Patty, that we love dearly.  I'm also thankful for dear friends, like Almita & Rueben who also celebrated 54 years of marriage this month, Steve & Diane, Joan & Jim and Allyn & Sherry.  We are heart broken over the death of Jim's brother Norm but also thankful that we have been contacted by Christine, Jeanette's wonderful daughter.  We are thankful that she has shared things about Norm with us, that otherwise we might never have known.  Thanksgiving is NOT just about the food you eat, or the football games you watch on TV.  It's about family and friends, and all the many blessings we receive every day, even when we don't ask for them.  God knows what we need, and provides it, which is not always what we ask Him for.  We are thankful for many others blessings, too numerous to mention.  I hope each of you will take time during this holiday season to reflect on all that God has blessed you with.  Take care and stay well.       

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