Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Brief Summary of our Travels

We have been on the road since April of 2010, so I would
like to share some of the highlights of our adventures.  
We drove all the way from California to New York
state to visit family and friends.  Later we went to
Hershey, PA to see the chocolate factory.  We made a
stop in New Jersey to see the Tear Drop Memorial in
Bayonne.  It is awe inspiring, and we hope many
people will make the trip there someday.
We went to Elkhart, IN to visit the RV Hall of Fame &
Museum before going to the Good Sam Rally in
Louisville, KY.  After the rally we went to Dollywood
and to see The Great Smokie Mountains.  Later we
went to Missouri to visit the birthplace of Harry S.
Truman before going to Branson.  Great fun!  We
returned to southern California for the winter.  Our
big trip of 2011 was up the coast of California into 
Oregon for the Good Sam Rally in Redmond.  We
spent some extra time in Oregon, which is very
beautiful.  In 2012, after our usual January visit to
Quartzsite, AZ we made our way to New Orleans for
Marde Gras.  Wow what fun that was.  We came back
to Avondale, AZ for the Good Sam Rally, which had
as a headliner, the incomperable Bill Cosby and
Boomer from Sha Na Na.  Great entertainment.
 In 2013, we went to Utah to visit friends.  We visited
Zion and the Arches.  Later that year we became 
WorKampers and took a job at Riverbend Hot Springs
in Truth or Consequences, NM.  We met many really
wonderful people and had a great time.  We went to
Roswell to look for aliens, and to Alamagordo to the
Heart of the Desert Pistachio Farm.  They also sell
fantstic wines there!  In 2014 we took a Workamper job
as camp hosts in Port Angeles, Washington at Crescent
Beach & RV Park.  It is really beautiful there.  The only
bad part was the unexpected and sudden loss of our
beautiful Yorkie named Mitzi.  She of course, can never be replaced, but my son

asked us to give another dog a loving home, so we
accepted Millie into our home,and into our hearts.

This year we are not workamping as we have new adventures to persue, which we will share in future posts.  As a dear
friend of ours used to say,
"Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up!"   


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