Sunday, March 15, 2015

After the Rallies!

Hi Everyone,
Now that we are settled in at Western Horizons
campground in St. David, I thought I would write a 
few words about the Rallies we attended.  First, in 
January, we went to the FMCA Rally in Indio, CA.
While there we went to a few seminars, and at one
we met Gail & Mike Alexander.  Much like me, she is
a little OCD-ish, and cannot tolerate living in clutter.
She also pointed out that, if one was to get their RV 
weighed, most of us would find we are carrying MUCH
to much stuff!  Being over-weight for the rig can have 
serious consequences, including damage to the
structure of the RV, safety concerns, and even legal
concerns if the extra weight causes the RV to be involved
in an accident.  I began right then and there to sort out
and get rid of stuff.  If we hadn't used it in the last 12
months......chances are we wouldn't need it in the next
12 months either.  I bought many of her space saving
items, and took her advice on things to do to bring
down our weight.  We saw her again at the Good Sam
Rally in Avondale and I bought some more things from
her.  I attended another of her seminars, because no
two are the same, and I learned more things.  Finally
at the Escapees Escapade in Tucson, we attended her
last seminar.  She has more to teach, but we won't
catch up with her again for a while.  I bought her
amazing, flat whisk.  I can't tell you how neat it is!!!
She also taught me that instead of having to take down
ALL my wall hangings when we travel, all I needed to
do is secure them to the walls with 3M Extreme
Mounting Tape.  We found it at Ace Hardware here in
Benson, so I'll let you know how it works.  Before we
left Tucson, we had our RV weighed by Smart Weigh.
I am happy to report that we are UNDER our total
weight limit.  However, we are a little too heavy on
the front passenger side by 150 pounds and our rear
axles is carrying about 450 pounds too much. 
However, we were also at that time, carrying half-full
holding tanks, which would account for much of that.
When we had our previous RV weighed back in 2010,
we were horrified to find we were carrying about
1500 pounds too much on our rear axles, so this report
was encouraging.  If you have never, or even if you
have not recently had your RV weighed, we would
strongly suggest you do so before long.  I am going to
close for now, but in my next posting I will talk about
some of the other seminars we attended, and the
many amazing things we have learned.

Again, remember to
 "keep the rubber
side down and
the shiny side up" as you travel down the roads of
this wonderful land of ours.  Millie was exhausted
after all our Rally adventures.


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