Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Our first blog

We are in Tucson for our first ever Escapees Escapade.  It has been really great!!!!  Today we attended a seminar called Every RVer needs a Blog, by the Geeks on Tour.  It was very informative, so now I'm trying to create one.  Sure hope this works!  When we leave here, we will be going down to Benson, AZ for a while. 

These are our two canine kids, Willie & Millie.         
Below picture is of Jim & Willie & Millie at the Dwarf car Museum in Maricopa, AZ.


  1. The Dwarf Car museum was GREAT. Thank you for the heads up, we went back in Jan when we were making our way to TorC. It's a place we will go back to with grandkids next time through.

    1. Glad you liked it. We thought it was well worth the drive. I hope many people will visit there and although there is no charge for it, donations ARE appreciated.