Monday, March 30, 2015

My Last Post about the Escapade Seminars & More

As promised, this will be the last post about the
seminars we attended at the Escapees Escapade.
We attended several seminars by Nick Russell. 
Some of you may be familiar with his blog, or his
Gypsy Journal.  He and his wife have been "full
timers" for many years, and he also writes books.
He spoke about being a frugal RVer, and had many
great tips on ways to save money on the road.  He
also gave a talk on "Highway History and Back
Road Mystery" that lead me to buy this book.  His
other seminar was called "Welcome to My Arizona"
which told of many worthwhile and interesting
places around the state that we hope to see someday.
Lisa & Jim Koca gave a seminar on Making and
Financing Your Bucket List.  We got more ideas of
places we want to go, so now we must start saving
money so we can make our dreams come true. 
This was taken at the Holy Trinity Monastery in
St. David, Arizona.  We also saw the "True Cross"
and the relic inside it from the pectoral cross of
Pope Pius IX.

Our last day in St. David we drove over to the
little town of Bisbee.  A really neat little western
town, and Jim got himself not one, but two
cowboy hats!  We had lunch in a nice looking pizza
place, with a lovely chandelier over our table.
There was also an interesting little train in town.
After leaving St. David, AZ, we drove into
New Mexico and spent one night in Deming,
before continuing up to a nice RV Park in Arrey.
Today we drove into Truth or Consequences to
see some friends.  In case you don't know the
history of this town, it used to be named Hot
Springs, for the many hot springs that occur in
town.  Many years ago, Ralph Edwards offered
to bring his TV show Truth or Consequences to
any town that would change it's name to the same.
After much debate, Hot Springs, New Mexico
agreed to do so, and Mr. Edwards literally put
the little town on the map!  Sixty six years later,
they still hold an annual Fiesta  in the town, with
a parade, and many events and crowning a Miss
Fiesta.  There are several art galleries and the
Geronimo Museum in town.  On weekends, there
is also a Farmer's Market in Ralph Edwards park.  
There are also some neat ghost towns in this area,
such as Chloride, which has a rustic museum of
old tools and supplies, and a cafe in what was
once the Chloride Bank.
There is so much to see and do as we travel this
great country.  We hope you will be inspired to
travel and see places like these too. 
Keep the rubber side down!

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  1. Sounds like you're having a blast. Missed you on that trip to TorC!!! Two HATS?? Well Jim, you will now need to look for a second head, as they say two are better than one!