Friday, June 12, 2015

Here We are in Minnesota

We left Topeka, Kansas on Tuesday, and spent that night at the Wal-Mart in Omaha, Nebraska.  I don't really mind dry camping, but that night it never cooled down at all.  We used the generator, and the air conditioners all evening, but we didn't want to run it all night, so we ended up sleeping on top of the bed.  We had a sandwich dinner at the Subway inside the store.  Later I dragged Jim back in for a haircut.  We both needed one as we had not gotten our hair cut since we were in Arizona back in February and he was getting really shaggy!  She did Jim first, and I had told her that he just wanted a TRIM.  She grabbed the clippers and ran it up the back of his head and left him almost bare.  Once she had done that, we couldn't have her leave the hair longer on the rest of it, so she just kept cutting.  She wanted to do his beard and mustache too, but we decided he would do that himself.  I almost chickened out on getting my hair cut, but I didn't want Jim to feel like I set him up, so I went ahead with my haircut.  Yikes, Millie and Willie have more hair than we do!  LOL.  Thank goodness we have a few weeks left before anybody will see us when we get to Horseheads for my 50th high school reunion!!!! 
From Omaha, we traveled along the edge of Iowa into South




Dakota, to an adorable campground called the Red Barn RV Park in the town of Tea.    I was wondering how the town got its name, and the story was written on the campground flyer, and it goes like this:
When the railroad line survey from Yankton to Sioux Falls was done, the village of Bryon was founded.  It was decided the village needed a post office, so the application was submitted.  But several other communities were also named Bryon, so the postal authorites asked for 10 short names from which one would be chosen.  Nine names were chosen, and they could not come up with a tenth.  Many residents were German, so the tradition of afternoon tea was important.  It was decided to break for tea, then someone suggested adding "Tea" to the list.  The postal authorities chose Tea, which was incorporated in 1902.  We thought this was an interesting story, and hope it will amuse you too.
We drove up to Sioux Falls to the new offices of Dakota Post, our mail forwarding service.  Here is the "boss" too, Dustin Strand.

We stayed two nights and got our driver's licenses renewed.  YAY!  The pictures on the licenses were not as bad as we had expected them to be.  LOL.  We had planned to continue north into North Dakota.  However, when we discovered it would be almost 300 miles to the destination we had planned to visit, we realized it would have to be a two day drive to get there.  That would have meant getting there, and after only one night we would have had to leave for Minnesota.  We prefer to limit our travel days to only about 175-185 miles so we can arrive early enough to set up and relax before making our dinner.  We decided it wasn't worth it this time, so we re-evaluated our trip and decided to travel east into southern Minnesota.  We will stay two days here, and tomorrow we will take Mary with us, by car, to the Spam Museum in Austin.  We were there back in 2010, but look forward to going back again.  I have to get Millie and Willie their own Spam tee shirts to match ours.   After we go there, I may make another short post about our visit to that museum.  Until we see you again, keep the rubber side down and enjoy America!   

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