Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24th, in Michigan

I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to writing, but things have been hectic, to say the least.  From Minnesota, we drove to a state forest park in Wisconsin, in Black River Falls.  The sites were small, and it was impossible to level the RV.  Also, there was a nest of hornets inside the electrical box, and Jim got stung before he even realized it.  The mosquitoes ate me up...........just like at Elk River in MN.  In the morning we left and moved south east to Jeffereson, WI to another campground in Passprt America group.  The park was nice enough, but very far from anything we needed.  Before getting there we stopped in DeForest to visit

 the Ehlenberg Cheese Chalet.  While in Jefferson, we drove over to Milwaukee and Jim toured the Miller Beer Brewery. 

The bronze eagle is out front with plaques honoring each branch of the US military services.  The wall picture is inside the visitor center.  I was not able to do the tour because it was a walking tour that included a climb of 95 steps up and back down.  Also, I stayed with Millie & Willie in the car with the windows open, after I visited the gift shop, of course.  I got Jim a few cute gifts, including a magnet that said "Wish you were beer!"  When we left there, we drove south though part of Illinois, many tolls and some really bad roads.........then we got into Indiana and saw some really, REALLY bad roads.  We made it to our destination, the Elks Lodge in Michigan City, IN. 
We saw this parked at the building next to the Elks lodge.  No comment needed.

 The folks there were great.  We had a nice dinner in the lodge and spent a quiet night dry camping outside, before coming to Michigan on Saturday.  We saw this sign as we drove past
Battle Creek, Michigan.

We are currently in a campground called Heartland Woods, in Stockbridge, MI.  It is located off I-94 and is east of Battle Creek, south of Lansing and west of Ann Arbor. 
These were taken here in this park.  I don't know what to make of the picture painted on the shed next to the RV.
Many of you know about our dear little dog Millie getting sick, so I won't go through the whole story again, but we extended our stay here for her to have a test she probably should not have had, and almost started her on a prescription she definitely did not need.  We will be leaving here on Sunday to visit and stay the night at Firelands Winery in Sandusky, Ohio, before moving on for nine days in Jefferson, Ohio at a Thousand Trails park there called Lake Kenisee.  This park would be nice except:  1) rain has left the roads rutted and wet, 2) there are so many trees that phone, internet and satellite signals are terrible, 3) the mosquitoes are REALLY terrible, 4) it's about 20 miles to EVERYTHING, and my internet jetpack chose to quit on me yesterday, so I am trying to use the campground's wifi, which has a very weak signal strength.  But the people here are very nice.  We had an electrical problem on Monday, and when Jim was outside trying to figure out what might be causing it, another camper stopped by to see what was wrong.  After Jim talked to him, he went to get a guy named Tom who found the problem and solved it in less than 5 minutes.  All the rough roads had shaken loose a switch that turns off all the batteries, for when one stores an RV for periods of non-use.  We, of course don't ever do that, so we didn't even think of that switch.  Now we know!  Today we woke up to a trail of water coming under the wall into the hallway from the shower.  We called out Darrin from Fix My RV in Shaftsburg.  He came right out and for a very reasonable price, he found and fixed the leak that was probably also caused by the rough roads.....a connection inside the wall had worked itself loose enough to leak.  To other RVers, if you are in need of service while in this part of Michigan, Darrin was prompt, courteous, efficient, reasonably priced and did not make a mess in the RV.  I would heartily recommend him to other campers.  Tomorrow, we are going to go to the Verizon store to see if we can get my Myfi repaired or replaced.  Have a grand day.  Thanks to ALL who prayed for Millie to get well, and thanks to God that she has recovered and is her smiley, playful little self again, as you can see. 

Keep the rubber side down, and enjoy America.
ps.  Thursday  note, there was nothing wrong with my Myfi jetpack.  It seems my surge protector, that we've had in steady use for about 18 years must have decided it should retire now.  We had been plugging the Myfi into it, and it was not getting a decent charge, so the battery inside just gave up!  When we took it to the Verizon store, they plugged it in to their power source, and it started right up.  They checked my cord and the plug, and both worked just fine.  SO we replaced our surge protector, and all is well.  Jim has mounted the surge protector on the wall next to where I sit to use the computer, and it's really nice to have it there instead of just laying on the seat next to me.  That's all for now folks.  We are well, the "canine kids" are fine, and we will be leaving here, as planned, on Sunday.

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