Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Today We Got to Wisconsin

Saturday night I called back to California to chat with a friend of mine.  Her husband answered her phone and told me she had passed away a few days ago.  I was in total shock!  All I can say is, please don't put off writing or calling friends and loved ones, because none of us knows how long anyone will be here for you to reach out to them.
Sunday morning we said our good byes to Mary and her two sweet dogs.  Then she headed west and we headed north.
We made a lunch stop at a place that calls itself the Largest Candy Store in Minnesota.  It was huge, and it was packed with people.  It wasn't cheap, but we bought a few items for our grandson, as we will see him next month when we get to New York state. 
Later we arrived at the Wapita Campground in Elk River, MN.  The park was.....nice, but the mosquitoes were really awful. 

This guy was in the RV Park, but he didn't give us any trouble.  LOL

We had my sister Judy over to our wheel estate for a nice lunch, and she got to meet our canine kids.  Later in the day, we took a picnic dinner of rotisserie chicken, salads and more to a park in the town of Princeton, where her son and his family joined us.  We ended up with 15 people!  It was wild, but his kids are VERY well behaved and have delightful manners.  Again, the mosquitoes ate me up.  We left the dogs in the RV because that many people (kids) would have been too much stress for Willie.  Millie would have loved it, but we couldn't take one and leave the other behind.  It was hectic and I never got a chance to take a picture of the whole group, but I did get one of Judy and one of her son, Dennis Paul.
I didn't recognize him as he has gone nearly bald!  He was also not quite as slender as we had remembered him.  It was really great to see them all, but since we are not used to rambunctious kids, it was also nice to get home to our little ones.  This morning we got packed up and began our trip east, ultimately on I-94 into Wisconsin.  To any of you who might be traveling through this area in the next couple years, please be aware that a major highway proect is under way in the St. Paul area, and travel is very limited, with detours, lanes AND exits were closed, and very slow traffic.  Had we known, we would have looked for an alternative route out of Minnesota!  This aftenoon we arrived at the Black River Falls State Campground.  We knew we would only have electricity, so we emptied the holding tanks and took on some extra fresh water, but we had no idea how bad the sites would be!  None of the sites are anywhere near level.  We pulled in and it looked like the RV would fall over on it's side.  We unhooked the car so Jim could try to reposition the RV to get as level as possible, but when we used the levelers, the back wheels on the passenger side were completely off the ground!  Jim had to put TWO leveling blocks under each wheel on that side so we would not be dangling in space!  When he went to hook up the electric, he got stung by a hornet that was nesting in the electrical box.  Since I am seriously allergic to stings of any kind, I will have to stay inside to be safe.  I told him that tomorrow when we leave here, we won't even take time to hook the car up for towing until we get to the gas station about a mile away!  The weather has been wonderful lately, but we sure wish we didn't have to contend with these darned mosquitoes!  Tomorrow we go into a park in Jefferson, WI for a two night stay.  Wish us luck!  Keep the rubber side down and stay well.  :o)

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