Monday, June 29, 2015

Michigan and Beyond!

A few days before we left Michigan, we met the couple who were staying in the site next to ours, Jim & Peggy and their cute like Chihuahua named Pippy.  We would have met them sooner if not for all that rain and the mosquitoes!  Jim invited them over for coffee and cake one night, and we went to their RV a couple days later.  Peggy asked us if we had been to Hell yet.  I said isn't that where we are now?  She laughed and said there is a place called Hell about 18 miles away, and we should visit there before we leave Michigan.  When the rain let up on Saturday, we drove over there, and it was a hoot!!! 

I bought a shot glass and sent some post cards out from there.  We also got a dish of ice cream while we were there.  Then we drove back to the campground and our furry kids!  We were of course glad to come back from Hell!
Sunday we left Michigan and drove into Ohio.  Back in March we joined an organization called Harvest Hosts.  I believe the membership costs $44.00/year, if anyone wants to join.  As members, we can dry camp one night for free, but they want campers to buy something from the Host business.  The drive there turned out to be quite an adventure due to serious road flooding on Ohio Highway 2.

 It was heart breaking to see this house half under water.  We
saw these guys paddling their boat next to the house.  The third picture is the road ahead of us.  I was nervous, but we made it through.  As soon as possible,we stopped to check the car and make sure the brakes were OK.
We got settled and went in for a lovely wine tasting.   It cost $3.00 for us to taste 6 wines, so we each had three.  Then we decided to have a bottle of Asti Spumonte and a cheese platter, with crackers and sliced beef stick.  We also bought some bottles to take with us for gifts......maybe.  We got a little silly, but I think it was just what we needed after all the stress of our stay in Michigan.  It wasn't easy getting up to travel this morning, but we only had about 125 miles to go, so it wan't too bad.  When we woke up this car was parked next to us.  I don't know if they thought we were zombies, but we're not!  We just felt like Zombies after last night.
Now we are in a Thousand Trails' Park in Jefferson, Ohio.  It seems like a lovely park, and we have a nice site, with good satellite and internet, and phone reception. 
This is the entrance to the RV Park.

 On th way here, I noticed several wineries nearby.  Maybe we'll have to visit one of them too.  I'll probably post again next week, after we see what there is to see around here.  Stay well, and keep the rubber side down wherever you go!
Enjoy America, the greatest land of all.


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