Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Baby It's Cold Out There

I know there are other parts of the country that are much, much colder than it is here.......................but we didn't move to California to be shivering from the cold!   We LIKE the nice warm days and not too cool nights here.  They say we are going to have a major El Nino this year that will bring more cold, more rain, and "they" say serious flooding is expected.......... so we may end up going back to Arizona or New Mexico for a few months if it gets too bad here.

The last few nights down at Wilderness Lakes, it went down into the middle to low 40's, and that's plenty cold enough for me.  Today we packed up to come up to Silent Valley.  It is really beautiful here, as you can see, but the winds were whipping around like crazy and it's colder here than it was down there!
As you can see, Jim is happy to be here.  We are now all set up, and with a little help from our Heavenly Father, we got the satellite dish to receive a signal.  It sure wasn't working for us.  Thank God our Lord wants us to be happy!   It seems like it's going to be too chilly to play mini golf here, so that means we'll be spending more time inside.  We won't be putting up the screen room here, since we don't want to risk losing another awning if it snows while we're here.
Today is Veterans Day.  Please remember to thank a Veteran for his or her service.  Other than Jesus, only a Veteran is willing to give his or her life to protect us. 
Our dear friends, Almita & Rueben have been sick with colds, so we didn't get to spend much time with them at Wilderness Lakes.  I emailed Almita to let her know how much they would benefit from getting a couple Himalayan Salt Lamps.  Almita wrote back that after I told her this she looked them up on the internet, and would get some as soon as she can.  For those who might be going to Quartzsite in January, that's the very best place to find them.  The prices are very reasonable there, and they have a huge variety of styles and sizes.  If you aren't going there, I did see one style of lamp at Wal-Mart for about $15.00.  At this point I want to tell everyone that we do not sell ANY products or services, so if we recommend anything in our blog, it is ONLY because we wish to share information on products or services that we think are better than average.  As for the salt lamps, I suggest one for every 100-150 square feet of living space in your home.  You should leave them on at all times.  They only use a 4 or 7 watt bulb, so they don't use a lot of electricity, and they make a nice night light too.  We have one on the dining room table and one in our bedroom.  They have made a huge difference for us.  We've had no more terrible colds, no more severe migraine headaches for me, and much less trouble with allergies.
Before we left this morning, Rueben came over to see us.  He said they might come up to see us here at Silent Valley.  We couldn't be happier!  So far I have forgotten to take their picture to add to our blog.  I apologize for that, and will remedy the situation ASAP.
More news, yesterday, Jim's cell phone needed a charge, and it would NOT take a charge with our usual charger.  The charger worked just fine with my phone, but not for his.  We took it to the Verizon store in Menifee, hoping to replace the battery.  The guy told us they don't sell replacement batteries for our phones anymore......can you say "ancient"?  LOL.  It turned out we were elligible for an upgrade, so we both got new Verizon LG flip phones.  The good news was we only had to pay the sales we got them for about $4.00 each.  Then he looked up our plan and asked why the 4G Jetpack was on a separate account.  I told him we had been told it had to be since we needed "data" for it that we didn't have on the phones.  He informed me that he could put the cell phones, jetpack and our tablet all on one account and save us a whole bunch of money each month.  Jim had brought with us the tablet we got for free at the Escapees Rally back in March, because we didn't get any information on how to use it.  This guy told us that we can attend a free class at the Verizon store to learn to use it, but first he showed us how to get started with it.  YAY!!!  Then, because after all he is a saleman, he showed us a newer tablet that had a larger screen, was HD and was lighter weight, that we could purchase for only $49.99.  We decided to go with the new tablet...............and it has a user manual.  Double YAY!!!  We have to admit that we really do like Verizon.  I know some people are not as happy with them, but we have had excellent service and we just can't complain about them.  
Mary will be arriving here tomorrow for a two week stay with us.  Then she will be going to her cousin's house for Thanksgiving, and we will meet up again when we all go to Palm Springs.  
The dogs like it here at Silent Valley.....not a lot of other dogs around.  They do like to look out for squirrels here.  Not much other news, so I guess I should close for now.  Take care, stay well and keep the rubber side down when you travel around this great country.  Happy trails.  :o)


  1. Nice to hear that you are situated in Silent Valley now and we do hope you're keeping cozy and warm since you say it's so windy and cold. Today we got to 77 here and this will continue until Sunday/Monday when we get some cool weather and then it goes back up again. Good for you for doing so well at Verizon! I'm much better today with this cold but not 100% yet. At least I felt well enough to go get a much needed haircut (Almita). We've ordered a Himalayan Salt Lamp and can't wait to get it. Will let you know how we like it although we fully expect to after your recommendation. We definitely will get up to see you at our first opportunity and will let you know well ahead of time. Enjoy your friend, Marie, and we look forward to your next blog. By the way, Rueben and I met while we both were in the Army in Virginia. :-) Next week is our 53rd Anniversary. Hugs to you both and God Bless You! Your friends, Almita and Rueben

    1. WOW!!!!! I am so impressed with you guys for making it to your 53rd anniversary. That is amazing. God has cetainly blessed you both. I am so happy for you both. What is the date????