Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1st........we survived Halloween

Hi Everyone, 
I wasn't sure just what I would have to write about now that we are staying in one place for a while, but it seems I do have things to share today.  Many people decorated their RV's or sites for Halloween.

Millie & Willie were also dressed up for the day.

The park has a train they run every Saturday, so many people enjoy the ride.

Yesterday we went to the Swap Meet here in the park, only to find that our friends Gail & Mike Alexander were set up here selling their products that save space and reduce the weight you are carrying in an RV.  Gail had gone back to her RV with really bad back pain, so we chatted with Mike a while and promised to visit them later at their RV.  We walked the dogs and then went over to the family center for the weekly Candy Bar Bingo game.  I won 3 candy bars, Jim and Mary each won 2.  Not bad considering that the place was PACKED with many more people here for Halloween.  After that we went to visit Mike & Gail for a while, but we had to get back to our site before the trick or treaters came by.  We had all manner of visitors.....these were the first group that showed up.

       Everyone here got a kick out of doctor cutie!  But she wanted to give us all flu shots.  LOL 

It was a lot of fun seeing all the kids having such a good time.

After handing out candy, we had a light dinner, and then invited a few friends over for drinks and snacks.  We met Diane & Steve when they used to be the RV Hosts at Garden Grove Elks.  They did a fantastic job there, but now they are enjoying the freedom of retirement and travel.  Mary also came over for the evening.

 All in all, it was a very pleasant day.  Our new friends we met in Santa Rosa, Rueben & Almita are coming here to Wilderness Lakes this week, so it promises to be a good week ahead too.  Take care folks.  Make the most of each day.  Nobody knows how long we have left here on God's green earth, so we should enjoy each day.  I know the promised land is even better, but that's no reason to squander a moment of what we have here.  Keep the shiny side up, and stay well and safe.

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