Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Still Happy to be Home

Hello dear friends,  We are still at Wilderness Lakes, and it has been grand being in one place for a while.  After Halloween, we relaxed a bit. 
The kids were happy to just "chill" for a while too.

We have enjoyed an afternoon with Rueben & Almita, and an evening with Gail & Mike Alexander.  It turns out, we'll be seeing them at theThousand Trails Preserve in Palm Desert this winter.  They are going to be doing sales at a swapmeet at the College of the Desert on weekends.  We'll have to check that out soon.  Diane & Steve joined us for candy bar bingo on Saturday, and then they came here for dinner that night.  It was a wonderful day.  
On Thursday, Jim had an appointment in Garden Grove to see an ophthalmologist, so we made a lunch date with our good friends Joan & Jim.  She ended up also having an eye doc appointment the same day and time, so that was a kinda funny coincidence.  Anyway, we met for lunch at the Garden Grove Elks lodge.  It was very nice.  She gave us belated birthday cards with Wal-Mart gift cards. 

We used the cards to get a new quilt, pillow shams and a new area rug for the hallway next to the bathroom.  The ironic part of this is, I never used to like quilts, but when we were at Rueben & Almita's, she showed me her quilt, which had been made entirely from her mom's house dresses.  It was amazing, and I was hooked and wanted a quilt for our bed.  The new set really brightens up the bedroom.  Thanks for the idea Almita! 
As for the eye doc, it looks like Jim is facing surgery for cataracts before too much longer.  I'm sure glad they have gotten much better at that than they used to be!  It will be a day surgery and home the same day.  We'll probably stay at the Elks for a week when it is done.
Sunday we went to church here in the park.  It was very nice to see Pastor Bob and the usual group.  I didn't realize how much I had missed them. 
Later that day we drove up to Camping World in San Bernardino.  I wanted to get Jim a new recliner I had seen in their ad, but they currently didn't have it in the color I wanted.  We did get a new shower head called the Fury.  It mixes air into the water, so it feels like you are using more water than you really are. 
Since California has a very serious water shortage, we will enjoy using it. 

This wasn't a great shot, but I wanted to show that San Bernardino is trying to decorate the walls along the freeway.  This is new since we left here back in January.  There were a lot of nice scenes on the walls.

Hopefully, next week we'll be able to get the chair for Jim later this week, as they are supposed to be getting more in on Friday.  We are planning to go up to Silent Valley on Wednesday, but as yet we have not been able to get through on the phone to make the reservation.  If I can't reach them by tomorrow morning, we will have to drive up by car to make it.  We would have waited until tomorrow to take down the screen room, but on the news today they predicted rain for today and early tomorrow.  We didn't want to be doing it in the rain, or putting it all away wet, so we got busy and took it all down today.  I doubt if we will set it up at Silent Valley, since we have, in the past, had SNOW up there on Thanksgiving.  I really don't want to wake up to find that snow tore down our awning and destroyed the screen room, along with everything in it.  But so rain today.  Alas.
Life is good, God is awesome, and we are all well.  Take care and stay well, and enjoy America!  It's God's glorious gift to us.


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