Friday, June 24, 2016

A Short Follow up to the Last Entry

Hi Dear Ones, 
This will be fairly short as I just want to add what you might call a post script to the last entry.

Yesterday we got up early to go to Camping World, because although the temperatures are milder up here, it gets pretty hot down on the lower levels, like Banning and San Bernardino.  We got to the store by 8:30 am and left shortly after 9 am.  We made a brief stop at Wal-Mart in Beaumont, and got back here by 11 am.  YAY!!!!  We didn't THINK we would need any installation since the wiring had already been done for the previous Even Brake, so when we got back here, we attempted to set it up in the car and do the "test" of it.  Sadly, it did the very same thing the old one had done......and failed the test.  I figured that meant that the problem may have never been the original unit, and maybe was the fault of the wiring.  I called our guy Brad, to see what he thinks, and asked him if he could remove the old wiring and re-install with the new one.  He said that may not even be necessary.  He said it might just be a bad fuse or something like that.  Now I really feel like a dope.............having spent money for the new braking unit that we may not have even needed.  I guess we should have called Brad to check the old one before we ditched it!  He is currently trying to reach the service department at the manufacturer for information on trouble shooting the unit.  Wish us luck, please.

 These two pictures were taken early yesterday morning.  The first is a shot across Silent Valley, and of course the second is Jim walking Willie. 

   The furry kids bought Jim this nice recliner for Father's day......however, yesterday it didn't want to open up correctly.............some days are just that way.  LOL

We heard on the late news last night two very, very disturbing stories, and I wish to share them as a warning to all pet lovers.
1----In Chula Vista 3 dogs so far have been deliberately poisoned using hot dogs filled with pesticides.  All three have died.  Please keep your dogs safe and DO NOT let them eat anything they find on the ground.  This is in one location now, but unfortunately sometimes bad people decide to copy things they see or hear about, so please don't risk this kind of heartbreaking tragedy.
2---There was a report of a lady who took her dog for a "nice long walk" with her, in the heat.  The dog nearly died of heat exhaustion, dehydration and also suffered severe burns on his feet!  Please remember that your dog's feet are not protected from the hot roadways (unless you can keep some kind of boots on them) so please limit their exposure to walking in excessive heat.  It is best to walk your dogs in the cooler early morning or later in the evening, and make sure they ALWAYS have access to sufficient amounts of clean, cool water to drink.  Please check your dog's feet for any early signs of burns if you have to walk them during times of high heat too.  Your pets depend on you for their safety.  Please don't let them down.   

Bye for today.   Have a great weekend!!!!!

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