Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy to be Back in Silent Valley!

Hi Everyone,

It was very busy, and very hot this last week in Menifee, so I will try to recap briefly.  Our previous towing brake for the car was one called Even Brake.  It worked well, until it finally quit on us last year, but it was heavy and cumbersome.  This time we bought one called the Invisibrake.  It weighs less, and costs less, and was supposed to be installed under the seat and left in place.  All valid selling points.........except that it couldn't be installed under our driver's seat because our seat is a power seat, and has parts under it that take up the space needed for the brake system.  We of course, didn't find this out until Monday evening, when Brad & his son came to do the installation.  He suggested we take this brake system back to Camping World and get another Even Brake, which we are going to do tomorrow.

Monday morning we got up at 5:30 to take down the screen room, and went to do laundry before it got too hot to be outside.  
We saw this RV on our way to the laundry room.  Back in 2006 we went to the balloon festival in Temecula, and took a ride in one.  It was an incredible experience.  This picture reminded us of that adventure.

 Donna & George were going to come down for lunch that day, but because temperatures were reportedly going to be about 112 that afternoon, and George said he was afraid to risk taking Donna out in such heat, they stayed home.  We were going to give them our older satellite dish, but since they didn't come, we gave it to a nice man camping near us in the park.  By the way, it got up to 115 on Monday........just terrible, but not as hot as it is in southern Arizona, where it has been over 120!!!

Tuesday morning we got up early to pack up and leave as it was still going up over 100 again.  We left by about 9:30 am and got up here around 11 am.  Usually we like to find a site in the D section.  If you want to Google Silent Valley and look at the park map, our favorite site is number 400.  This visit the park is quite full, and we had to go back through D, and up into C section to site 538.  
 We have a very nice, big site, but it's far from the pool, the store and the village center, where we will be trying to sell magnetic jewelry on July 2nd.  Sorry to see there is my shadow near the bottom of this picture.   I'm also going to try to sell my older NuWave oven that day, since we bought a new one last weekend at Wilderness Lakes.  I think I have talked about the NuWave before, but it is really a great appliance because you can cook foods, even without defrosting first, in much less time.  It doesn't heat up the house like it does when you turn on the oven.  We always use it for our Thanksgiving turkey, and for the ham on Easter Sunday.  But you can also do many other foods as well.  You can cook meat in the bottom and veggies on the rack too!  We just LOVE using it! 

We got settled and hooked everything up, and were able to get a satellite signal with the new dish.  YAY!  It only got up to 90 yesterday, and today only 89.  To those of you not from California, June is usually NOT this hot.  They refer to it as June gloom, usually with a lot of coastal haziness keeping it cooler, well into the late morning hours.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be a little cooler, but this last week or ten days has been exceptionally hot, and temperatures are supposed to be going back up again by this weekend.  Last evening we set up the screen room in under 30 minutes!  YAY!  We look forward to a wonderful four weeks here, to relax and enjoy our time here.  
We have a lovely, large shade tree beside our RV that helps to keep it cooler in here.  The second picture here also shows our new satellite dish, called the King Quest.  It is light weight, compact size and works really, really well!!!!
As you can see, there is a lot of beauty around us, and other campers are not too close.
It's always good to get back here, and feel at one with nature.  This morning the furry kids were watching a squirrel through the living room window.  It was near the shade tree out front, and they were soooooo excited to watch it.  The kids have napped much of today since they get as tired on travel days as we do.  I thought WE did all the work, but they get tired too.  LOL.  

Maybe, if it cools off more while we are here, we will take time to visit a few museums and points of interest in the area.  It will depend on how hot it is.  Where we are is not as cool as it would be up the hill at Idyllwild, but it is cooler than down in the town of Banning.    

Will close now, with love and blessings to all.  Stay well, stay cool and be sure to drink plenty of water on these hot days.  Please remember, as I advised in my last posting to make sure your animals always have plenty of water to drink and don't leave children, pets or older people in closed cars as the heat can become life threatening in a very short time.  Bye for now.   


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  1. Who is going to install your new Even Brake now that you are back at Silent Valley. You're braver then me. I wouldn't go up in a hot-air balloon! Glad we weren't there for that heat wave in Menifee! We have the same satellite dish as your new one and love it. Silent Valley looks like an ideal placed to camp for a month. Enjoy! And I hope it doesn't get so hot that you can't go out and do some exploring.