Saturday, June 25, 2016

More Important Pet Tips

Hi Again Dear Friends and other readers,

By the way, other readers are just friends we have not yet met.  I hope we can meet somewhere down the road.

This will be short because I am just passing along some other tips I received from a very dear friend in Indiana.  She does volunteer work as a small animal rescuer, and raises wild critters until they are old enough to be released into their natural habitat.  Hurray for Sheryl!!!!!  Anyway, here are the tips she sent to me:

Also when walking dogs in the heat " DO NOT PUT ICE CUBES IN THIER WATER !!!! " ITS CAUSES BRAIN FREEZE & SUPER COLD THROAT... LIKE IN HUMANS and they stress out & can't breath and have heart attacks. ALSO THEY DRINK TOO MUCH TOO FAST AND DROP DEAD.... please add that to your blog, In fact NEVER ADD ICE TO YOUR DOGS WATER ... ITS TOOO COLD FOR THEM...ALWAYS ROOM TEMP... NEO - TO- GO is a good antibiotic spray for animals, easy to use and it soaks in almost immediately..for burns, paws, cuts...etc ....CVS sometimes has it...CVS brand also sells a triple anitibiotic in a small bottle that looks to be a spray but it's really a pump gel.   This works great also for those smaller, hard to get areas and use a Q-tip to spread it in & around the can find it most anywhere if you look like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target...

I hope these tips will be helpful to everyone.  I did NOT know you shouldn't put ice in dogs water.  I have done that here in the RV when we get home from being out in the heat.....and the dogs just leave it until it melts.  I guess they knew better than I did.  Again, thanks Sheryl for your input.  I'm ALWAYS glad when anyone shares the benefit of their knowledge with me so I can pass it along.  OK folks, it's up to us to keep our pets safe and healthy.  

 Sheryl wrote today with more tips, so I pasted the new tips in here now.  I hope you will read and heed the advice.
Also don't feed grapes to the dogs...its too much of a high sugar insulin rush for them, even though they will like them not safe for them and some people freeze them for pets to play with in the summer... this is a no no !   Apricots & peaches & nectarines & plums, are OK in just small bites but never let them near one of those big pits, the pits all contain cyanide that will kill...if eaten...

Also remind people about the animal treats & pet foods containing chicken & duck from CHINA that are still killing thousands of animals....READ THE SMALL PRINT... some manufactures say made in USA, but small print says processed in China, Korea...etc Check your animals food and treats on the manufactures website or check it against the danger website list of unsafe pet food & recalled foods & treats ( I don't know the exact name of the website, but it's easy enough to google)

During hot days keep a small hand spray bottle - mister handy, and keep your animal damp.  There are cooling jackets that are made now that keep your dog cool in super hot days ..RUFF WEAR SWAMP COOLING VEST......GREAT FOR THOSE WHO HIKE WITH THIER DOGS OR TRAVEL INTO HOTTER AREAS OF THE COUNTRY & this is also available at REI camping stores , getting great reviews... EZY DOG MAKES AN ELEMENT JACKET which is waterproof and fleece lined for body warmth in the cooler times...

These 2 web sites are great for dog gear RUFF WEAR.COM AND EZY DOG.COM ... RUFF WEAR makes a WEB MASTER HARNESS that I recommend, this is great for small, med & large dogs or Jack Russles ! ...hahaha and dogs that pull, or new puppies.  Great for those extra small dogs also as they can be instantly fast to go chase a squirrel..... this harness has a clip in the front -one around the chest and one back around their tummy - it gives you more control of the entire animal and no neck choking incidents like in regular collars or harnesses that they can escape thru. This harness is one they really can't get out of!  Alice got out of 5 different brands at pet smart and this WEB MASTER works and is comfortable, and has a big handle on the top also for teaching to sit or stay close...etc.  Great if you have an animal that has seizures. This harness has a top handle that can be easily grabbed for immediate help of your pet..   Also this harness is great for older people who need a tad bit of more control or ease when walking their dogs especially in areas with other dogs around, like camping sites, RV;s...etc..

OK hope you enjoy the hints and please pass along to your readers.

Bye for today. 

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